Online Bingo for Beginners

You decided to give online bingo a shot?


Although it’s looked at as a game for retirees or… “older” people, online bingo is truly a new and different experience when compared to the traditional game.

Not only is the pace much faster, (you can also keep your own pace, it depends on you in the end) you can also interact and chat with the other players during the game!

Most online bingo rooms also have a host, who will give out prizes and chat to the players as well, giving the game more of a traditional feel as well.

If you’re just getting started, great!

First off, you picked quite the easy game, since most forms of bingo are pretty easy to learn and master.

The essence of bingo is the following:

You will have a card with numbers printed on it.

A bingo caller or host will draw random numbers and call them out, you will mark the numbers that are called on your card, and if you successfully mark enough numbers to make a winning combination, you win.

In a real life bingo game, you’d have to be paying close attention to the numbers the bingo host was calling out, making it even trickier if you were playing multiple cards at the same time.

In online bingo, you can simply set an option to mark the numbers called automatically by the system, letting you focus on chatting or seeing how many patterns you have going on.

Statistically, a much higher proportion of people now prefer playing online bingo instead of visiting a traditional bingo parlor or hall.

Why do you think that is?

There are mainly two types of bingo that are well-known, 90 and 75 ball bingo.

The most obvious difference is in the number of numbers available to draw, as one has 90 and the other 75.

But another key point is in how the cards are organized, as usually some cards will be arranged in a 5 x 5 grid, while other cards may be 6 x 6 or some other arrangement.

Worry not, since in most good bingo websites you’ll be able to play however many modes and variations of bing you want, even at the same time.

Even better, there’s always free to play bingo.

You should always try before you buy, so always feel free to sign up for any of these bingo sites and give their products a spin on free to play modes or demo modes.

Several of these sites will even let you play with other players and compete for small cash prizes, for free.

This is all offered in the hopes of luring you in and having you make a real money deposit.

There’s nothing wrong with that, just the same as you can test each site and find out what your favorite style of site is, who has the best hosts, what types of people frequent the chat rooms, and all those kinds of things that makes each of us choose one thing over the other.

Betting on Bingo

I thought online bingo was simply a fun game to socialize and pass the time; surprisingly it can also be profitable.

Most of the time, there are no set payouts on bingo games, since they depend on the price of the card (higher price for the card = higher payout) as well as how many players bought cards to play in that round, since more players buying cards means more money in the general pot.

For some, it’s a delicate balance between finding the right pricing on their cards, finding a room with just enough people to have a chance to win, since more people may equal a higher payout due to a bigger pot, but also lessen the chance of winning since there are more cards spread about.

In some sites, there are prizes, tournaments, and even jackpots added to bingo games to attract and retain even more players.

These can vary, and can be anything from completing certain patterns on your cards, to winning a minimum amount of games in a row, etc.

This is really exciting to players since there is plenty of incentive to keep on playing besides the main objective of winning Bingo.

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